365 parts: 10 x 15 inches each, Oil on linen, 2013. 

 On July 25, 2012, Cynthia Daignault began a yearlong project of making a daily record of the sky. Contemplating time—doing time, spending time, the passing of time—she then drew from this assembled collection of charcoal sketches, pencil drawings, pastels, and photographs to produce a painting for each day of the year, working twelve hours a day, every day, until all 365 were finished—a process that took an additional three months.

Installed in chronological order, the resulting panorama is all-encompassing, compressing an expanse of time and effort into a single moment. The work's title is drawn from a line in Joan Didion's 2005 memoirThe Year of Magical Thinking. Like that book, an account of the year following the death of Didion's husband, Daignault's project addresses the presence of those who are absent, as well as notions of time, presence, memory and death—the room as afterlife, memory, omniscient vision.